Purported Prophetic Statement Attributed to Arthur A. Oakman

From Saints’ Herald 123-9: 5, 11 (September 1976)

In the last year and a half a document generally entitled “Revelation given through Arthur Oakman at a priesthood meeting in Wichita, Kansas, Spring 1974” has been widely circulated among the Saints. Its distribution is contrary to the official policy of the church as stated in Conference Resolution No. 709, noted in the preceding official statement. Some individuals and groups are reported to be studying this, believing it to be instruction from God which they should heed.

Investigation has shown that the document could not be what it is purported to be. Local church officials in Wichita report that Brother Oakman was not in Wichita in 1974 and did not give there the message which is ascribed to him. We are able to affirm the following facts about the document in question:

  1. There are several versions extant, and the documents being circulated vary in some degree in wording and content.
  2. None of them can be identified as “a revelation given through Arthur Oakman at a priesthood meeting in Wichita, Kansas, Spring 1974”
  3. The first four paragraphs of some of the copies being circulated are copies, with a few changes, of one circulated a number of years ago and described at the time as a “prophecy given through Arthur Oakman in 1967 at Fayetteville, Arkansas.”
  4. The remaining part of one version of the document purported to have been given by Brother Oakman in Wichita is a copy, with minor editorial changes, of a paper circulated throughout the church earlier and purported to be inspirational message given on May 17, 1973, by a woman who is enrolled in Center Stake. This section makes up the major part of the document

It will be in the best interests of all concerned to note the church’s official policy about the distribution of reports of spiritual manifestations as it applies to this matter. The material in question has no status whatever and should be so regarded by the Saints.

W. Wallace Smith

Maurice L. Draper

Duane Couey