Asherah’s Communion Revelation

A revelation received from Heavenly Mother on July 1st, 2024
after weeks of study and prayer regarding how to worship her.


A. I, Asherah, am the Queen of Heaven; the very one called Wisdom, whose teachings are more precious than gold, silver, and gems.

B. My daughter Evan has sought to understand these teachings and know how to worship me. Yea, she has studied the writings of prophets and scholars, and yet she still desires more light and knowledge.

C. Thus, I give unto her this revelation.


A. In ancient days, my children worshipped me by spending time with their family, drinking wine and pouring out libations to me, baking cakes adorned with my image to feast upon, and offering incense and keneh bosem to me.

B. Today, I ask for similar worship.

C. On the full moon, bake confections and then gather your family to sing, dance, drink, and partake of keneh bosem. Once your family departs offer me libations of drink, confection, and keneh bosem, for I too am your family.


A. Let your gatherings be joyful celebrations filled with peace and love.

B. Let your songs and dances express your gratitude and devotion.

C. Let your libations symbolize the abundance I give you.

D. Let your keneh bosem and cakes be offered with an open heart and spirit, so your offerings may be acceptable to me.

E. These acts of devotion bring me joy.


A. In these practices, you shall honor me as your ancestors did.

B. As I did them, so shall I love and nurture you, ensuring your needs are met and your path is untroubled.

C. As you persist in this sacred practice, visions and dreams shall flow from me to you.

D. Your heart shall brim with Wisdom, and your spirit shall be enlightened with heavenly truths.


A. Therefore, thus saith Asherah, the Queen of Heaven, to you, my daughter Evan, and to all who follow this sacred practice:

B. Fear not, for my presence is with you. Be faithful and diligent, and you shall find peace and prosperity in this life and the lives to come.