Maxims of the Mother, Vol. 1 (2023)


“Maxims of the Mother” is a groundbreaking book that explores the intersections of spirituality, identity, and social justice within the Restoration movement.

The author, Evan, is a bisexual, transgender, and polyamorous woman who presents a vision of the Divine that embraces diversity, inclusivity, unconditional love, and the amplification of historically silenced voices in a way that both challenges and builds upon traditional Restoration thought and theology.

The book encompasses a wide range of topics including the nature of the Divine, the afterlife, priesthood, blessings, sacred spaces, human diversity, relationships and sexuality, pacifism, decision-making processes, and dissent.

“Maxims of the Mother” serves as a powerful testament to the unconditional love of the Divine and an impassioned call for the restoration of marginalized voices within the Restoration movement.

Polyamory Primer (2023)


As members of Community of Christ, we strive to embody the Enduring Principles of our faith, including the belief in the worth of all persons, the value of unity in diversity, and the recognition that we have the ability to make our own responsible choices. These Enduring Principles are intended to go beyond mere tolerance and toward genuine affirmation.

In recent years, polyamory has become more visible within Community of Christ, as polyamorous families are present in our pews and even serve in priesthood roles. To actualize what we hold to be our Enduring Principles, we must also actively welcome, nurture, and support polyamorous individuals and their families as integral parts of our spiritual communities. However, polyamory largely remains a mystery to the leaders of our church, and they seem unsure how to proceed.

To address this need, we, polyamorous members and friends of Community of Christ, present this primer which:

  1. Provides a basic and non-comprehensive introduction to polyamory
  2. Situates polyamory within the context of Community of Christ theology
  3. Informs about laws that affect polyamorous individuals and their families
  4. Presents recommendations to World Church on how to proceed with polyamory in Community of Christ.

Faithful Disagreement: Polyamory in Community of Christ (2023)

Audio courtesy of 2023 Sunstone Symposium


Faithful Disagreement: Polyamory in Community of Christ

The Decentralization Movement (2023)


An analysis of Community of Christ’s movement to decentralize, including previous trends and future predictions

The Book of the Sacred Assembly (2024)


An entheogenic ritual firmly rooted in the Restoration

The Salt Lake Rescue


In the Salt Lake City congregation of Community of Christ there was a newly-widowed polyamorous woman. Instead of providing solace and pastoral care as her and her family were grieving, Community of Christ’s leadership chose to take action to attempt to remove her from priesthood due to her being polyamorous.

The Salt Lake City congregation found this abhorrent and demanded that their apostle, Robin Linkhart, come down and speak with them. Robin spoke with the congregation on October 22nd, 2022 at 2PM Mountain Time. 

Many started seeing similarities to the LDS church’s “Rescues”, such as what happened in Sweden and Boise, and so this meeting came to be known as “The Salt Lake Rescue”. Further, like in the LDS church, members of Community of Christ were concerned about keeping the church’s leadership accountable for what was said in regards to that extraordinarily sensitive topic. Since Utah is a one-party consent state, this meeting was legally recorded and is in full compliance with Utah Code 77-23a-4.

The transcriber was given audio recordings of the meeting and went word-by-word through hours of audio to transcribe it.

In the process of transcription, names of those in attendance have been anonymized to “(Attendee)” or “(Moderator)”. This makes it a bit confusing when referencing other people or what was said earlier, but the anonymity of those in the Rescue was more important than the clarity for the reader. The only exception to this is the church’s leaders who are being held accountable and the woman who was disciplined, who upon her request is using the pseudonym “Vanessa”.

A genuine effort has been made to make a transcript of the recording. That said, this was a difficult topic, and many people were fighting back tears as they spoke or otherwise weren’t well heard, which made transcribing rather difficult. When a section of the audio just could not be discerned, the symbol “�” was added to indicate that a transcription was not possible.

The Book of Our People: Dreams, Visions, Prophecies, and Revelations (2024)


The largest collection of non-canonical dreams, visions, prophecies, and revelations in the Reorganization

The Book of Abraham With Egyptian Characters


The Book of Abraham is associated with certain Egyptian characters. This version of the book associates the Egyptian with the English.