Idaho Hate Group Announces Intent to Terrorize LGBT Pride Event, One Month Later Attempts to Follow Through with a 31-Man Army

In April 2022, members of “The Panhandle Patriots”, an extremist Christian biker gang, released this statement:

Here is a transcript of that video

We’re having an event the very same day. That very same day, we actually intend to go head-to-head with these people. A line must be drawn in the sand. Good people need to stand up.

As she was talking about the repercussions, we say, “Damn the repercussions”. Stand up, take it to the head, go to the fight. If you can possibly. We know a lot of your Bonner, we live in Bonner county. We are fighting in multiple counties. We are asking for all of you to come stand with us.

Our event is advertised as “Gun d’Alene” because it’s an anniversary of when we stood to protect our community. We’re standing again to protect our community. We shifted our date to be available, to go head-to-head with these people. They are trying to take your children. This fight is not just paper. It’s not just words. It’s not just politicians. They have to see people standing in their face saying “No more.” If we don’t do this, they’re winning.

As she said, the amount of steps they take are ten-to-one, they’ve got people nonstop, nonstop on this. We grind two steps, they grind 12. We’re not going to win [and] we’re not going to fight back at a leisurely pace. We’re busy six days a week doing this, and we know a lot of you are too, but we’re asking a lot of you to leave your homes, leave your comfort, [and] come stand. If you want to see it, if you want to see what they’re promoting, come down there on June 11th. Come see what they’re doing. Come with us. Come stand. Hey, they’re promoting family values, activities and everything. The very following day, they’re having gay pride day.

It is clear here that they intended to terrorize LGBT folks. This is textbook domestic terrorism, and these people should appropriately be called domestic terrorists.

This gang is known for organizing the “Gun d’Alene” event, which initially was a reactionary response to the unrest due to the unjust extrajudicial murder of George Floyd. They made this post to notify the community of their intention to essentially counter protest Pride this year, and even indicated that it may turn violent:

Undated Panhandle Patriots RC Press Release

Panhandle Patriots RC Press Release:

On June 11th, the Panhandle Patriots Riding Club is scheduled to hold our 3rd annual Gun d’Alene event at McEuan Park. This event bagan as an organix community-driven response to the rioting and looting that was sweeping across the nation in the wake of the George Floyd riots. Our community came together, peacefully, to take a stand against left-wing extremism because of the Christian values we hold dear to us here in North Idaho.

Our upcoming event takes place on the same day that an LGBT Pride event geared towards children will be hosted at the park. As Christians, parents, and members of one of the most conservative communities in the nation, we believe that our community needs to take a stand against this LGBT grooming agenda because that is not who we are as Idahoans.

It has come to our attention that the Media, various left-wing NGOs, and militant left-wing radicals are pushing for and instigating conflict at our June 11 event. It is the media’s goal to instigate a conflict, take photos of that conflict, and then produce media stories labeling our group and anyone associated with us as violent, racist, and hateful while ignoring the antics of Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and LGBT extremists.

At the time of writing, due to instigation from local media sources, our event has been hijacked by extremist groups. On the left, we have seen evidence to suggest that Antifa radicals are planning on coming to disrupt our event to provoke violence. It has also come to our attention that a White Nationalist group called White Lives Matter is also planning to attend. While these two groups plan on causing violence, the media plans on using them to condemn and tarnish our peaceful group. Once the Panhandle Patriots have been smeared and tarnished, the media will then use our group as a vector of attack against conservative politicians and officials in our area.

We have seen this same situation play out over and over again, from Charlottesville to January 6. Events such as these were completely controlled by the Media and their Allies in the Federal government and used against good, God-fearing conservatives as a bludgeon against all that is healthy and normal, to further their progressive agenda.

This is precisely why we, The Panhandle Patriots, are officially changing our event from Gun d’Alene to North Idaho Day of Prayer. The event popularly known as Gun d’Alene will be moved to a later date that is yet to be determined.

While LGBT groups, with the help of the local media, continue to infiltrate our schools, children’s cartoons, Disney, and even local organizations here in North Idaho, all those who stand against them are branded as evil, by those same left-wing groups and institutions.

We are, and will always be, for God, His Word, and the natural order which He established on this earth, and protecting children should be, above all else, the single most important duty of any community, especially ours.

With all of this being established, we strongly encourage all God-fearing Idahoans to join us at McEuan park on June 11, at 3:00 PM, to take a stand against the progressive left-wing, which is moving into Idaho, and into our schools and libraries, with intent on grooming our children and turning them into LGBT activists.

As always, the Panhandle Patriots are a Christian group that stands against violence in all its forms, and will not allow our event to be hijacked by extremists on either side of the political spectrum. We implore the Christian community to come together and show these LGBT groomers that North Idaho stands firmly against their sick agenda and that God still rules in the Panhandle.

With love,

The Panhandle Patriots.

For record: We have sent this press release to the following media institutions: CDA Press, Inlander, KHQ, KXLY, Idaho Dispatch, Idaho Statesman, VICE News, Spokesman-Review, Seattle Times, Idaho Capitol Sun, HREI, Idaho Ed News.

If these media institutions refuse to print this Press Release, which is designed to keep our community safe, it will confirm our suspicions, that they are instigating conflict in our community, and are looking forward to, and will benefit from such a conflict.

Sure enough, on June 11th, this terrorism was moments away from being carried out. 31 men from the white supremacist neo-nazi group “Patriot Front” came from all over the country to participate in this terrorism. This “Patriot Front” group sees Black Americans, Jews, and LGBTQ people as their enemies and identify local grievances to exploit. They openly call for the for the end of democracy and the rise of a fascist government. Among them was Patriot Front’s founder Thomas Ryan Rousseau, along with a couple of their other leaders, Mitchell Frederick Wagner and Garret Joseph Garland. All of these men have previously been reported on by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The “Gun d’Alene” event was a prime target to advance their goals, since northern Idaho has a history of being extremely sympathetic to far-right ideologies. Once they find a location they want to target, they organize over SMS platforms, and then show up to events marching in neat columns in their “Patriot Front Uniform” as a display of strength. The “Patriot Front Uniform” consists of a tan hat with the fascist American flag on it, black aviator glasses, white masks, navy blue t-shirts with some having slogans like “Reclaim America!” and “conquerors not thieves”, khaki pants, and Patriot Front patches. These men met up at a hotel nearby and loaded up into a U-Haul with riot shields, smoke grenades, and had a plan to enact their terrorism which was on-par with a military or police operation. This was a planned terrorism that was foiled moments in advance, only because a single hero saw something and said something.

The Coeur d’Alene Police Chief, Lee White, gave this update that same day, which is essentially a long-form version of the last couple paragraphs:

Police Update Transcript

White: I want to start off by thinking our partner agencies, the Kootenai County Sheriff’s Department, the Idaho State Police, that have partnered with us throughout this event and the planning and preparation for today’s events. I think it was largely because of our teamwork and the way we worked so cooperatively together that, today ended up being relatively uneventful overall.

We’d been receiving information over the last couple of days that there were a number of groups that were planning on to disrupt today’s activities. And so that was the reason for the large presence of uniformed officers and the downtown area. At approximately 1:38 PM this afternoon we received a telephone call from a concerned citizen who reported that approximately 20 people jumped into a U-Haul wearing masks. They had shields and, quote, “looked like a little army”.

Units began to go into the area, and we made a traffic stop almost exactly 10 minutes later. At that point 31, people were detained. They were all wearing similar attire they had shields, shin guards, and other riot gear with them, including, at least one smoke grenade.

Those 31 individuals have been arrested for conspiracy to riot. At this point, they appeared to be affiliated with the group “Patriot Front”. These individuals come from all over. We’re still in the booking process; we’ve not completed booking of all 31 individuals, but at this point, we have individuals from Texas, Utah, Idaho, Colorado, South Dakota, Illinois, Arkansas, Wyoming, Washington, Oregon, and Virginia. And as I said, the booking process is not complete yet.

Officers are going to be, over the course of the next several days, still booking evidence and including the shields and riot gear and things of that nature that were taken from these individuals.

I want to say, for me personally, I don’t think this would have been as successful had we not had one extremely astute citizen who saw something that was very concerning to them and reported it to us. It is clear to us, based on the gear that the individuals had with them, the stuff they had in the possession and in the U-Haul with them along with paperwork that was seized from them, that they came to riot downtown. And that’s why they had been booked appropriately for conspiracy to riot.

And with that I’ll take questions.

Yes, sir.

Reporter: Could you tell us more about that paperwork or any other communications that would suggest conspiracy derived beyond just, the gear that they had in their possession?

White: I don’t think I’m at liberty to say exactly what the paperwork had on it just yet. I will tell you, uh, it appeared to be very similar to an operations plan that the police or military group would, put together for for an event.

Reporter: And it was just one charge of conspiracy to riot per person?

White: I don’t know if additional charges – they might be pending – based on, other things that might be found during the booking process and things of that nature, but at this point, each of those 31 individuals has only been charged with conspiracy to riot.

Reporter: [Were there any] firearms that were found?

White: I don’t have any information about that. I didn’t see any on the stop myself. Like I said, there was at least one smoker grenade, there was multiple shields, they were all wearing hats that had, plastic inside them, shin guards, shields, things of that nature.

Yes, ma’am.

Reporter: There’s social media reports saying that, Coeur d’Alene police, a member of the police department told someone there that the department has informants inside the Patriot Front and told them they were loading up in the back of the U-Haul with weapons. Can you confirm or deny anything around that?

White: No, I can’t. I would tell you, that’s not how we got this information at all. It came from just one concern citizen. It did not come from an informant inside any organization.

Reporter: You know where the U-Haul was first reported?

White: I don’t know where they rented it from. I know that they were loading up in a parking lot of a local hotel. That’s where they, I guess, met up and all got in this one U-Haul. As far as where they were staying or where they rented, I’m sorry, I can’t speak to that. I don’t have that information just yet. As sheriff Norris said, this is very, very fresh. Remember we just arrested 31 people less than two hours ago. We are just getting through this. We haven’t begun to do interviews. We haven’t even finished the booking paperwork on these individuals yet. This is about as fresh as it gets, and I don’t anticipate any additional information coming out until Monday at the earliest.

Yes, sir.

Reporter: The Department of Homeland security recently noted that, white nationalists groups and domestic terrorists were the number one security threat. Do you anticipate working or being in contact with federal authorities before other charges?

White: I can tell you that we’ve been in contact with our federal partners all day. We had a member of a federal agency who was with us at the the command post all day.

Yes, sir.

Reporter: I know that there were rumors online, especially around parlor, regarding the people coming to these events today with bear mace and other kinds of weaponry. Was that ever made known to the people who responded to this? Or did you guys already know about any of these other kinds of threats that are emerging online?

White: We did know about some of the threats that were happening online and yes, there were people walking around the event with long guns and handguns and bear spray and all kinds of things like that. None of that’s illegal in Idaho. It’s only to the point when they start using it that we grow really concerned.

Yes, ma’am.

Reporter: Are these the only arrests that occurred today around these events?

White: No ma’am, as far as I know, we had at least two additional arrests. It’s my understanding that both those individuals were from the Oregon area. They were both arrested for misdemeanor charges as well, one for disorderly conduct and one for trespassing.

In addition to that, there were at least three warnings given to other individuals

Reporter: Were they all near the Pride event?

White: Yes, ma’am those three warnings, and the two arrests that I just spoke of were in city park.

Yes, sir.

Reporter: I appreciate that there was no resistance met for the series of arrests.

White: No, they were cooperative during the arrest process. We had a great deal of officers there because of the information that we’d received initially, and frankly with 31 people in a car, we had to make sure that we had adequate resources on hand.

Any other questions?

Yes, sir.

Reporter: Do you know if any of these people are local or related to local people?

White: I don’t have that information yet. Like I said, I just have the states where some of them are from. There was one individual who’s from Idaho, and we had 12 or 13 so far that have been through the booking process that I could say definitively where they called home right now.

Reporter: Would you release the name of the person from Idaho at this point?

White: I don’t have that information on hand, sir. I’m sorry.

Reporter: How, how serious are the charges? I mean, are they going to be booked and released? Are they going to spend a weekend in jail? Are they going to appear before a judge, that sort of thing?

White: It’s a misdemeanor charge. In my opinion, I would gladly arrest 31 individuals who were coming to riot in our city for a misdemeanor rather than have them participate in some sort of seriously disruptive event, which is exactly what they were planning in downtown area. And it wasn’t just city park that they were planning to riot in. There was some other information they were planning on going down Sherman, for instance. So preventing a riot by arresting in 31, people with a misdemeanor, I will gladly do that every day of the week.

Reporter: Can you anticipate when they might be released? This weekend?

White: I don’t have that information. There’s a process that everybody has to go through. Obviously just booking 31 people in the jail is going to take some time, their first appearance, unless they bond out will likely be tomorrow morning. Is that accurate, sheriff? I can’t speak to that. That right? Yes. Monday. I’m sorry.

Yes, ma’am.

Reporter: What Indicated that this group is associated with the Patriot Front?

White: They were wearing arm patches, and one of them said Patriot Front, the majority of them had logos on their hats. they were consistent with the Patriot Front group that you would see online. They were also wearing khaki pants and everyone was dressed exactly the same. Well, very, very similar anyway. And if you go online, look up Patriot Front, that’s exactly how these individuals were dressed. Predominantly though it was the insignia and logos that they’re wearing along with at least one patch that said Patriot Front on it.

Yes, sir.

Reporter: Can you describe their responding agencies and other deputies, troopers officers, both SWAT or any of their specialty vehicles?

White: The majority of the people who responded were just in regular marked patrol vehicles, we did have, two SWAT quick reaction teams that were part of the arrest as well. Once again, with the unknown, we had no idea what we were walking into. So there were numerous SWAT officers present, there were numerous Coeur d’Alene police officers, there were numerous Kootenai county officers [and] deputies present, idaho state police had numerous troopers on scene. There were quite a few officers there because, we got information that there was at least 20 people in a U-Haul. We want to make sure we had adequate resources, and frankly, with the, quote that we received through dispatch was it quote “looked like a little army that was loading up into the vehicle”. We thought appropriately take adequate measures.

Yes, sir.

Reporter: Obviously the Patriot Front isn’t the only known group to want to touch stuff like this. Is there reason to believe that anymore more extremist groups like Patriot Front would be attempting to follow through with a plan like this in the future anytime soon?

White: I don’t have any information about future events or other groups that might be attending future events at this time.

Reporter: You mentioned federal partners. Could you, confirm whether that means FBI, DOJ, or any specific agency?

White: Yeah. We were in contact with the FBI all day.

Alright, well thank you everybody for coming.

The leader, Thomas Rousseau, said that he had “traveled to Coeur d’Alene to peacefully exercise his First Amendment rights.” One of several typed documents on Rousseau stated that their goal was to “raise a voice against the moral depravity, which permits events such as this to take place.”

Since their attempted terrorism was only classified as misdemeanor “Conspiracy to Riot” (See their case number, 22C24238), they were all eligible for bail at only $300 each. This entire domestic terrorist group got out of jail for only $9,300. On top of that, 7 of them were bailed out by some random guy, and didn’t have to pay anything for their bail.

These are the 31 white supremacist terrorists that the state of Idaho allowed to be released on bond:

There’s a couple of observations that I’d like to make regarding where these terrorists are from, since only 6.5% of them were from Idaho. The majority come from Texas, Utah, Washington, and Colorado.

Here is a map of where they came from to participate in terrorism in Idaho.

Another thing that I want to point out is that the average age of these terrorists is only 26 years old, with the eldest being 40 and the youngest only being 20. Targeting the young and impressionable is a very common tactic for radicalization. If you’re interested in learning more about this phenomenon, I highly recommend watching “The Alt-Right Playbook”.

Additionally, if we’re going to address one of the flies on the wall, 19.4% of these terrorists came from Utah. One of the chief religious leaders in Utah, Jeffery R. Holland, gave a sermon in 2021 where he said that members of his church should be defending monogamous cis-gendered heterosexual marriages with “musket fire”. There’s a very real chance that these Utahns in part were radicalized by the rhetoric that they were hearing over the pulpit.

In Summary

An Idahoan right-wing extremist group made a call for people to terrorize LGBT people. A month later, a 31-man army came from around the country to make LGBT people feel unsafe in their own community for expressing their right to exist. These terrorists were only arrested for misdemeanor “Conspiracy to Riot”, and were released with only a $300 bail.

These terrorists got off with less than a slap on the wrist when they openly talk about dehumanizing and exterminating the people they were terrorizing. America needs to be tougher on domestic terrorism or people like me will be killed.

Happy Pride month…



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