“Proclamations and Prayers for Peace” by the Council of Twelve Apostles

On June 12, 2022 World Church Headquarters had a global service. These are rather rare, and I was eager to hear what our leaders had to say. These are the “Proclamations and Prayers for Peace” by the Council of Twelve Apostles.

This begins here:

Ron Harmon: Sue for peace and lift up an ensign of peace and make a proclamation for peace unto the ends of the earth.

Catherine Mambwe: To pray for peace is to pay attention to the world, to open your ears to hear the pleading of mothers and fathers who desperately seek a future of hope for their children, and to recognize that in their welfare resides your welfare.

Barbara Carter: To Pray for peace in an inward and outward journey of transformation. When we move beyond ourselves and into the lives of others, our prayers for peace boldly name injustice and suffering, and compel us towards compassionate action that reorders the world. In that way, our prayers for justice and peace are prophetic.

Richard C.N. James: When we truly, truly pray for peace, the poor are cared for, attended to by the mercy of God in and through us.

Janné Grover: When we truly pray for peace, our racism is challenged and we start to see everything and everyone differently.

Bunda Chibwe: When we truly pray for peace, house doors are unlocked and opened for immigrants, and we break down refugee camps and welcome immigrants and refugees into our rural and urban communities.

Robin Linkhart: When we truly pray for peace, we do no harm to the earth and all its precious living beings.

Art Smith: Our prayers for peace have the power to shape a future where the reign of God can happen. Our prayers are works of hope.

Lachlan Mackay: God of Shalom, may we embody your love and peace in the world.

David Nii: Spirit of Peace, through our prayers and actions enable us to live into your deepest longing for your precious world.

Mareva Arnaud Tchong: Peaceful One, may we boldly venture towards you in solidarity with all who suffer and seek a future of hope.

‪Carlos Enrique Mejía: Venture into the heart of God’s vision for creation. Pursue peace on and for the earth.

(In many voices and languages): Go and share the peace of Christ.