Levi Hancock’s 1830 Dream

The full transcript can be found here.


In December 1830 I went about three miles west to work on a house laying the floors. It was white top plank, I had to match. I hired a Mr. Baldwin to help me. He was a good man and after we had laid the floor we concluded to make a fire and lie down until morning.


A. As I was praying a personage stood before me with a small yoke in his hands, said he, “This is the yoke of Christ.”

B. There were many lamps placed on the top of this small yoke.

C. I thought it was the Lord talking to me and I felt willing to obey him and put forth my hand and laid it on one lamp and saw a smoke rise from it. I then touched two more and saw a blue blaze, then some more and some smoked and others burned blue. Three shone as bright as any lamp I ever saw in my life.

D. He stood and held them a short time and then said, “These I will take into heaven and give you a sign that you may know that you are my servant.”

E. He then drew in his breath and blew in my face and said, “You will tarry till I come again.”

F. As he breathed on me, faith came, the heavens sent forth a shower of spirit, it took me in the face and filled me until I ran over with it. No person could feel better than I did. My spirit took its flight and left my body on the floor. I thought I was dead. All my senses were perfect and I realized many things that I am not able to write nor express with my tongue

G. I was told by the spirit to come back and bear testimony to the world of the truth of the work. I then re-entered into my body


I told the vision to Mr. Baldwin. I told him how the lamps all went out but the three that burned so bright, and how smart and what a gentleman the personage was who came without anything on his head, with ruffles shirt to me, even Satan and how modest and innocent the man was who called himself the Lord. I saw tears run down from his eyes. I saw the unfortunate son who fell, when he tried to approach me the wave of my hand would cause him to go from me.


A. In may 1831 I began to see what the dream or vision of mine meant about the lamps. I then put it in rhyme:

B. Hark brethren, who believe in dreams,
And hear me tell what I have seen
because the spirit I have sought
Some pleasing things to me has taught.
Once I lay down and to repose
In solemn prayer my eyelids closed
And soon a person I did see
Who then began to talk with me.

C. He was the one to whom I prayed
And this I learned by what he said,
When I to Jesus Christ did cry
This personage was standing by.
A small yoke had and neatly made
And he unto me gently said,
“This is the yoke of Jesus Christ
That you behold worked out so nice.”

D. There was some lamps upon this yoke
That I beheld and then he spoke
And said, “These lamps I’ve brought to thee
lay your hands on and light for me.”
As soon as this my Lord had spoke
I did and saw nothing but smoke
I laid my hands on the next two
That gave no light but did burn blue

E. And touched some more and saw a light
And three of them did burn bright
“These three,” said He, “I’ll let you know
Shall with me into heaven go
And now I’ll give you a sign
And you shall know that you are mine
The Holy Ghost you shall receive.”
And then into my face did breathe.

F. The spirit then did fall on me
And out I went from my body
My spirit soon away did soar
And left its dwelling on the floor.
The thoughts that came into my mind
Was surely I have gone from time,
Into eternity to dwell, was well
All things I thought, with me,

G. Eternity transporting bless this
There naught, I thought could equal
The spirit that did on me pour
Made me suppose all trials o’er.
While filled with love I had no fear
I had forgot all friends so near
Until I thought what will they say
When they behold my dead body.

H. “Go with thy friends and there remain”
said Christ, “till I shall come again.
When I return I’ll come to thee
And then my glory thou shall see”
I then into my body went
To warm my friends was my intent
But oh, how changed was the scene
When I beheld it was but a dream.