Joseph Smith Sr.’s 7th and Last Vision

Given in 1819

Lucy Mack Smith History (1844-1845)

Lucy Mack Smith History (1845)

Lucy Mack Smith History (1853)


A. I dreamed a man came in with a peddler’s budget on his back, and he spoke to me saying:

B. “Sir, will you trade with me today? I have now called upon you seven times, and each time have always found you strictly honest in your dealings. Additionally, your measures are always heaped, and your weights overbalanced.

C. I have now come to tell you that this is the last time that I shall ever call on you, but one thing you lack pertaining to your souls salvation.”


A. As I earnestly desired to know what I thus lacked was, I requested him to write the same upon paper, and he did so.

B. I sprang forward very eagerly in order to get some paper and other materials for writing, but in my excitement I awoke.