1830 Conference

As found in History of the Church Volume 1 Chapter 9


A. On the ninth day of June, 1830, we held our first conference as an organized Church.

B. Our numbers were about thirty, besides whom many assembled with us, who were either believers or anxious to learn.

C. Having opened by singing and prayer, we partook together of the emblems of the body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ.

D. We then proceeded to confirm several who had lately been baptized, after which we called out and ordained several to the various offices of the Priesthood.

E. Much exhortation and instruction was given.


A. The Holy Ghost was poured out upon us in a miraculous manner — many of our number prophesied, whilst others had the heavens opened to their view and were so overcome that we had to lay them on beds or other convenient places.

B. Among the rest was Brother Newel Knight, who had to be placed on a bed, being unable to help himself. By his own account of the transaction, he could not understand why we should lay him on the bed, as he felt no sense of weakness.

C. He felt his heart filled with love, glory, and pleasure unspeakable, and could discern all that was going on in the room.

D. All of a sudden a vision of the future burst upon him. He saw there represented the great work which through my instrumentality was yet to be accomplished.

E. He saw heaven opened, and beheld the Lord Jesus Christ seated at the right hand of the majesty on high, and had it made plain to his understanding that the time would come when he would be admitted into His presence to enjoy His society for ever and ever.

F. When their bodily strength was restored to these brethren, they shouted hosannas to God and the Lamb, and rehearsed the glorious things which they had seen and felt, whilst they were yet in the spirit.


A. Such scenes as these were calculated to inspire our hearts with joy unspeakable and fill us with awe and reverence for that Almighty Being, by whose grace we had been called to be instrumental in bringing about, for the children of men, the enjoyment of such glorious blessings as were now at this time poured out upon us.

B. To find ourselves engaged in the very same order of things as observed by the holy Apostles of old; to realize the importance and solemnity of such proceedings; and to witness and feel with our own natural senses, the like glorious manifestations of the powers of the Priesthood, the gifts and blessings of the Holy Ghost, and the goodness and condescension of a merciful God unto such as obey the everlasting Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, combined to create within us sensations of rapturous gratitude, and inspire us with fresh zeal and energy in the cause of truth.