Significant Dates in the Reorganization

I have thought about creating a sort of “Calendar” of significant dates in the Reorganization’s history. I have decided to create such a calendar here and now!

January 1860, Herald Month: First publication of the herald

Jan 5,1907 fire day: fire at herald

jan 26, 1967, Discussion Papers Day: day the d.p. were commissioned

February 16, 1832, Vision Day: Doctrine and Covenants 76 is given, which significantly alters the Restoration’s understanding of the afterlife.

March 3rd, 1894, Successor Day: Temple Lot suit concludes, naming us as the original church’s successor

March 13th, 1912, instruction day: letter of instruction given

March 20, 1853, Reorganization Day: The date that Henry H. Deam had his revelation which specified that the church could be reorganized (read more here).

april 4th, 1982, forgery day: blessing put in appendix

April 5th, 1970, Dissent Day: standing high council study of the ethics of dissent in the church released

April 7th, 2000, new name day: new name (coc) is chosen

April 8th, 1874, Seal Day: vote to develop a seal

April 9th, 1978, Faith to grow day: program announced

April 11th, 2010: baptism day: rebaptism no longer required

?, reunion week: first reunion

April 10, 1866, inspired version day: WCR approved IV’s publication

april 17, 1994, ind. temple dedication day:

may 2nd, 1920, center place day: fred m announces the relocation of ihq to independence

May 17, 1906, Laurel Club Day: organized

June 15, 1904, MoundGrove Day: dedication of the cemetary

june 19, 1997, transformation day: transformation 2000 announced

July 1970, Saora month: over 400 baptisms

july 16, 2014, ccs day: ccs released

August 15, 1911, Saints’ Children’s home day: dedicated

September 17, 1895, Graceland Day: graceland opens

October 21st, 1872, Incorporation Day: Church is legally incorporated

Nov 10, 2010, ncc day: ncc approves of us joining

November 15, 1868, Stone Plano Day: Stone Church in Plano is dedicated

Nov 17 1985, womens’ ordination day: women first ordained

Dec 15, 1909, san day: sanitarium dedicated

December 22nd, 2022, Queer Liberation Day: The day that the Queer community got its first official rights in the church (read more here).