Heart of Discernment posts

I created “Heart of Discernment” as a progressive advocacy group within Community of Christ. By accident, it kind of became the place to get news on that church’s discrimination against non-monogamous / polyamorous people.

I have since disengaged from Community of Christ and I don’t anticipate re-engaging in healthy ways. Because of this, Heart of Discernment is now defunct. While many things will stay up indefinitely on the FB page, the website’s hosting is paid for by me. I don’t want to keep paying hosting fees for a website that I am no longer using, and so will be deactivating it soon.

However, we wrote quite a few awesome things on that website, so I wanted to import them to this website instead, so at least they’re archived somewhere. I have retained everything exactly as it was originally published, including its publication date. However, for hosting on this website I have added a tag for Heart of Discernment, and all posts have had “(HEART OF DISCERNMENT)” added before the rest of the title, so these posts can be easily searched for.

Alternative, here is a directory of the posts there: