Why I Am Leaving Idaho

I have the intention of leaving Idaho as quickly as possible. I have decided to create a running list as to why I need to do so.

Antisemitic incident results in no charges | Comments

The Boise Shooting

Ammon Bundy Defends Child Abuse

Lt. Gov speaks at an antisemite / white supremacist conference | Comments | Comments | Comments

Lt. Gov has ties to a rising militia, extremist movement | Comments

Lt. Gov., critic of handouts, got more than $300K in PPP virus funds | Comments

Idaho Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin just announced she’s hosting pro-Putin conspiracy theorist Stew Peters for a rally. Peters also recently released a film claiming COVID-19 is actually a synthesized form of snake venom. | Comments

Lt. Gov’s office phone number redirects to advertisements and spammy promotional offers, bring up questions of profiting off of the political office | Comments

Lt. Gov wins the national Society of Professional Journalists’s “Black Hole” award, which is bestowed annually upon government institutions/agencies for acts of outright contempt of the public’s right to know. She recieved it because of her fight against releasing public records from her education task force and for pushing back against media outlets for taking legal action to gain access to the records | Comments

Idaho Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin is using far-right media figures to campaign for governor | FB Post | Comments

Idaho Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin in interview with far-right wing media outlet: “God calls us to pick up the sword and fight, and Christ will reign in the state of Idaho.” | Comments | Comments |

Study Says 75% Of Coeur D’Alene Residents Can’t Afford To Buy A Home | Comments

Idaho Republican Melts Down Over Year-Old Hershey’s Ad With Black Family | Comments

Idaho governor signs abortion ban modeled on Texas law | Comments | Comments | Comments

Washington governor: Idahoans can undergo abortions in his state if Idaho restricts it | Comments

Oregon invests $15 million to prepare for fallout of Idaho anti-abortion legislation | Comments | Comments

Idaho House Republicans kill library budget, citing ‘harmful’ materials, pornography | Comments | Comments | Comments

Rep. Heather Scott voices support book ban: “Libraries are Promoting an Agenda to Destroy Families” | Comments

Nampa School Board votes to remove 22 books ‘forever’ from school libraries for allegedly containing “pornography” (Most are cautionary dystopian tales like Handmaid’s Tale or just sex education books) | Comments

Idaho Lawmaker Is Censured for Doxxing Intern Who Reported Rape | Comments

Idaho lawmaker who doxxed alleged rape victim now running for Lt. Gov. | Comments

Washington governor to Idaho officials: ‘Stop clogging up my hospitals’ | Comments

This bill would have ended child marriage under age 16 in Idaho. The House voted it down | Comments

A legislative intern who accused an Idaho lawmaker of rape said she was harassed by right-wing lawmakers and activists | Comments

Idaho Lawmaker Accused of Raping an Intern Resigns | Comments

Jury finds former Idaho lawmaker guilty of raping intern | Comments

Top Idaho Republican: “Voting Shouldn’t Be Easy” | Comments | Comments

‘Divisiveness’: Marketing Idaho as conservative paradise irks some longtime locals | Comments

FBI investigating Caldwell Police Department due sexual and drug misconduct | Comments | Comments

High-ranking Caldwell police officer faces new federal felony charges | Comments

Cop is injured during training by Boise police chief who demonstrates a hold, which results in multiple surgeries; police department tries to cover it up | Comments

Criminalizing being homeless | Comments | Comments | Comments

Idaho House passes law which bans trans children from transitioning and punishes parents who take trans youth to other states for health care with life in prison | Comments | Comments | Comments

Women’s suffrage statue vandalized with demeaning message to men | Comments | Comments

Idaho County GOP Tried to Infiltrate Dems, Steal Their Cash & Install ‘F-list Antisemitic Troll’ to Lead Them | Comments | Comments | Comments

Disgraced alt-right comedian Owen Benjamin is planning Idaho ‘refuge’ for his online pals sparking fears from locals who fear repeat of deadly 1992 Ruby Ridge paramilitary stand-off | Comments

Rep Heather Scott proudly displaying a confederate flag

People armed and dressed for war are permitted to freely roam streets | Comments

Ontario, Oregon continues selling over $9 million worth of cannabis monthly, mostly to Idahoans | Comments

Anti-vax protests at the hospital

“irresponsible, self-serving political stunt” that amounted to “tyranny.” – Idaho Gov. Brad Little repeals McGeachin’s ban on mask mandates | Comments

Via CBS News: Boise is the least affordable housing market in the U.S. | Comments

Who pays the highest tax rate in Idaho? Someone making $11,761 a year in taxable income | Comments

Idaho extremists target judges, prosecutors, health workers in doxxing campaigns | Comments

Only one candidate for Idaho Secretary of State says that Biden won the 2020 election

Political candidate harasses library for political brownie points

Hate crimes continue to trend upward in Idaho, particularly against African Americans

Idaho Biker gang and GOP representative threatens local gay pride parade with guns and war | Comments | Comments

I caught two students at BSU trying to beat a raccoon to death with bats.

Tommy Ahlquist opinion piece: Voters must say no to slate of dangerous extremists running in May 17 GOP Primary | Comments

Study ranks Idaho No. 47 for working moms

Homeless population in Ada County has doubled in the last three years

First-time homebuyers struggling to stay in Ada County

The Idahoan Fallout of Overturning Roe V. Wade

Fascist white nationalist propaganda yard signs pop up around Boise | Comments | Comments

Two arrested at abortion rights rallies in Boise Saturday | Video of first arrest | Video of second arrest

35 Pride flags stolen or damaged on a single street at beginning of Pride Month | Comments | Comments

Boise Baptist pastor openly calls for genocide of queer folks | Article | Article | Comments | Comments | The Sermon | Sermon Summary | Pastor triples down on hate

Boise Police Department: Local Pastor calling for LGBTQ people to be ‘put to death’ is not hate speech under Idaho Law because it does not protect on the basis ofsexual orientation or gender identity.

31-person army from the white nationalist and neo-fascist hate group “Patriot Front”, intended on terrorizing a Pride celebration in Coeur d’Alene, but were arrested beforehand.

Planned Parenthood shifts resources in Idaho to serve women heading out of state for care due to Roe V. Wade repeal scare

Discussion on guns in the statehouse – guns being a constant reality at the statehouse terrorizes folks from getting involved in government