State of the Apostasy: Year 6

I lost my faith in the LDS church on 02/06/2015. In 2019 I decided to start doing a “State of the Apostasy”, which serves as kind of a yearly review and where I lay out my goals for the next year. Its been interesting being able to see how my life has changed every year.

This is the 6th year since I left the LDS church. Here’s some of the noteworthy things I’ve done over the last year:

  • Got married to my wife
  • Moved in with my dying mother-in-law
  • Watched the world crumble in a pandemic
  • Quit my job to avoid the pandemic and help take care of my mother-in-law
  • Helped my mother-in-law pass away from pancreatic cancer
  • Inherited a house
  • Went to the Oregon Coast for the first time
  • Moved my old roommates (who were our best man and maid of honor and who are dating) into our new house as roommates.
  • Started the r/UniversalMormonChurch experiment
  • Got to know people from Community of Christ and the Fellowship of the Remnant
  • Felt like I had to publicly hide that I am bisexual for the first time in the days leading up to the presidential election
  • After getting to know the folks, doctrine, and direction of Community of Christ, I decided that I wanted to formally join them.
  • Watched a coup live
  • I got a new kickass job
  • Invested in stonks for the first time

Overall I did most of what I wanted to do this year (pandemic permitting). Here are some things that I’d like to do in the next year:

  • Get vaccinated
  • Go to Independence, MO with my sister to see the temple
  • Go see my other sister who lives on the east coast
  • Work with a couple of folks to continue developing my new version of the BoM
  • Re-landscape my backyard to include a fire pit and gardening area
  • Take off all of the 80’s wallpaper in my house and paint my walls
  • Go to the Oregon coast again
  • Spend more time with my grandparents once they get vaccinated
  • Start the Harmony newsletter again Harmony is the LGBT advocacy group for Community of Christ, and the newsletter has existed off and on since the mid 1980s.
  • Get a CoC apostle or member of the first presidency to do an AMA here
  • Help my business expand
  • Watch $GME go to the moon (hopefully… Diamond hands!)

Here’s to a good year!

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