Community of Christ’s D&C 163

I have been keen on the idea of a liberal Mormon reformation. A place where LGBT and unorthodox folks are welcomed. I’ve thought about starting up a sect to fill that need. I was talking to an exmo friend who founded the Religious Humanism organization and he asked me why I hadn’t looked too much into Community of Christ. I tried to defend my position, but at the end I had to admit I was somewhat ignorant of their doctrine and policies. I formed my opinion of them within several months of leaving the LDS church, and hadn’t taken the time to fully update my opinion of them.

I am exploring more of Community of Christ to see if it fits the needs that I have. Unsurprisingly, a lot of my exposure has been because of John Hamer. I just finished this 5-part series on CoC history and loved it. I was particularly blown away by the last bit that brother Hamer shared: CoC’s D&C 163.

I was particularly blown away by the introduction explaining how the revelation came to him and verses 3C, 4B-C, 7, and 9.