Mormon Talismans

As many people know, Mormonism is steeped in traditional magical practices which continue to influence the Restoration today.

One of the magical aspects of Mormonism that I have always enjoyed is the talismanic aspects. Things like the “Holiness to the Lord” parchment, “Jehovah, Jehovah, Jehovah,” parchment, the Mars Dagger, and the Jupiter’s talisman have fascinated even since I discovered them.

I have browsed through some grimoires such as The Key of Solomon, The Magus, and The Three Books of Occult Philosophy. While I can see how Mormonism was influenced by these works, I could help but lament that Mormonism didn’t come to have its own magical tradition.

I looked into some of the more esoteric innovations of Mormonism, and came back to the GAEL (Grammar and Alphabet of the Egyptian Language). This is one of the constructed language projects that Joseph Smith Jr made and where the Book of Abraham came from. There are unique things in these works that aren’t found anywhere else.

One of the most notable examples is the “Fixed Stars” and “Governing Stars” – essentially Mormonism’s own version of astrology. In fact, some people have made concept art of what a Mormon-centered astrological charts. In short, these are the planets that are talked about along with their alternative names:

  • Oliblish
  • Enish-go-on-dosh
  • Kae-e-vanrash
  • Kolob
  • Limdi
  • Zip
  • Vurel
  • Venisti
  • Waine
  • Wagoh-ox-oan
  • Oansli
  • Sheble
  • Shineflis
  • Flis
  • Ots

Many of these celestial bodies have symbols associated with them, and a couple even have special distinctions such as “Grand Governing Key”. However, it seems as if this aspect of esoteric Mormonism was left relatively undeveloped.

One of the things that appeals to me the most about Mormonism is that the story isn’t concluded, and continues to be developed. Because of this, I decided to put forward an expanded meaning of these planets. With these understandings I associated them with a concept, scripture (written in Deseret), and drawings/icons. The planets that did not have a symbol associated with them were given one – right after the planets that are mentioned in the GAEL there are a whole bunch of symbols without names/meanings, so I just connected the planet names with the symbols.

These talismans are meant to help focus intentions and facilitate the goals you are seeking to achieve. These have helped me grow closer to the Divine, and I thought I would publish them on my website in case they could do the same for others. Right now I only have 8 of the 15 completed, but was eager to share them with some folks


Also known as: Oan Isis, a Grand Governing Key

Meaning: The peaceful star, bestowing peace and tranquility upon those who seek its light.


Also known as: Flos-Isis, Shinehah, the Sun, a Grand Governing Key

Meaning: The Humble Star, a beacon of humility which encourages curbing the arrogance of pride.


Also known as: Flo’ese, a Grand Governing Key

Meaning: The affectionate star, radiating love and emotional warmth.


Also known as: Abbesele

Meaning: The leading star, a pillar of leadership and support, guiding souls towards their noble destinies.


Also known as: Ele Ash, Veh-Kli-Flos-Isis

Meaning: The healing star, promoting health and restoration to those under its influence.


Also known as: Sabble

Meaning: The honorable star, symbolizing honor and integrity, a guardian of righteous paths.


Also known as: Slundlo

Meaning: The guiding star, providing direction and clarity to wandering spirits.


Also known as: Ear Roam

Meaning: The wise star, illuminating the mind and spirit with profound wisdom and insight.


Also known as: Crash Ma Kraw

Meaning: The fiery star, igniting passion and energy within the soul.


Also known as: Obbles Isim

Meaning: The protective star, offering defense and fortification against harm.


Also known as: Izinsbah

Meaning: The blessing star, bestows grace and favor upon those who call upon it.


Also known as: Missel Nah Me

Meaning: The cursing star, a force of banishment to ward off malevolent energies.


Also known as: Sile Ohee

Meaning: The prosperous star, attracting fortune and abundance.


Also known as: Oop Zah

Meaning: The purifying star, cleansing the spirit of negativity.


Also known as: Zool

Meaning: The visionary star, unveiling revelations and divine insights to the seeker.