Idaho Legislation to keep an eye on in 2022


House Bill 442: Rental cap removed

House Resolution 5 and Senate Resolution 101: Mourns that abortion is legal

House Bill 460: Seeks to 100% illegalize Abortion

House Bill 514: Seeks to 100% illegalize mask mandates

House Bill 485: Seeks to 100% illegalize absentee ballot drop off boxes

House Bill 439: Can’t change political affiliation on primary election day

House Bill 490: Protects the loophole that allowed Boise shooter to own a fire arm


House Bill 457: Would repeal the law prohibiting counties/cities from restricting use of plastic grocery bags

House Bill 458: Would repeal the law prohibiting counties/cities from setting their own (higher) minimum wage

House Bill 497: Would raise minimum wage to $10 this year and $15 in 2024

Senate Bill 1229: Would raise minimum wage (including tipped) to $15

Senate Bill 1230: Ranked-choice voting in general elections

House Bill 483: Would illegalize conversion “therapy” for minors

House Bill 440: Adds protection from discrimination because of sexual orientation or gender identity

Senate Joint Resolution 103: Equal Rights Amendment for Idaho’s Constitution