100+ Year Old Peyote Trip Report From A Member of Community of Christ

I was doing some research regarding Community of Christ’s D&C in our long-running magazine “The Saints’ Herald” when I randomly I found an article from 1920 entitled “An Experience with Peyote”.

Frederick M. Smith, the Community of Christ prophet at the time, was a HUGE fan of the psychedelic cactus called “peyote” which was/is used in some Native American rituals. He felt like it helped unlock the “Higher Powers of Man” and openly encouraged people to try it. A member of Community of Christ decided to try it at the recommendation of the prophet, and they had an experience that they practically called miraculous.

Putting aside the super problematic cultural destruction of the Native Americans which is suggested in the first paragraph, its pretty interesting hearing a 100+ year old trip report from a Community of Christ member.