For Posterity

Well, unsurprisingly my and the other mods’ resignation as moderators of /r/Mormon has caused quite the controversy. I would like to keep a collection of all the discussion that is happening regarding this. This post will be updated as more posts are made.

Statements from former mods

Gileriodekel – Blog | Reddit profile | /r/Mormon | Regarding rule 2: 1, 2

JawnZ – Placeholder statement | Formal statement




GOB_Farnsworth – 1, 2, 3, 4


Statements from Remaining/New Mods

ArchimedesPPL – 1, 2



Mr-Singer (chiefly speaking in an official mod capacity)

Statements from the Community (from oldest to newest)

“A Call for Head Mod to Step Down” by LamaniteWine

“Step down” by Rushclock

“If your higher judges do not judge righteous judgments, ye shall cause that a small number of your lower judges should be gathered together, and they shall judge your higher judges, according to the voice of the people.” by Del_Parson_Painting

“I know this may be fuel to the drama, but I want to point out that the current debate is based on the unilateral choice of a single mod (ArchimedesPPL). Whether Archimedes is right or wrong, this choice is an authoritarian one.” by BobEngleschmidt

“So I guess we should talk about starting a new subreddit that’s not in effect ‘Mormonism as ArchimedesPPL permits it’?” by Fletchetti

“tl;dr;” by tdawgfoo

Should Head Moderator Step Down?” by CEuropa1

“On Pluralist Civility, Gay Rights, and the Need for Open Discussion Across Moral Chasms” by TracingWoodgrains

“This is not a democracy” by CaptainFear-a-lot

“Arch needs to go. Kick rocks dude.” by DavidBSkate

“Can someone give me a Cliff’s Notes version of the drama that has been happening in the last couple of days??” by valentine-girl

“What are your thoughts on the situation?” by Kessarean

“In response to the sudden availability of experienced but out-of-work mods, I am resigning as head moderator at 15 subreddits today, and posting a public plea to consider adopting one of these lonely subs, so they might finally receive the love they deserve.” by Chino_Blanco

“I have absolutely no faith that Arch and Rabannah will refrain from turning this into another faithful sub. Absolutely none.” by IDoReallyCareDoYou

“Let’s All Remember That There’s a Person Behind the Screen” by 000-4600-7695

“Thanks for all the fish” by Luke-E-Fur

“Succession crisis 2021” by mwjace

“Why would an innocent person need to fear the police collecting forensic evidence?” by WritingQueen13

“Those who believe they hold a minority view: Are you comfortable sharing your views, if not why?” by Redben91

“Mods, please post the mod-logs to clarify the events of the past few days. Let the facts speak for themselves!” by RamblingOpposum

“Unrighteous Dominion – Tale as old as time” by a_grunt_named_Gideon

“How I now picture discussions go down between mods in this subreddit.” by a_grunt_named_Gideon

“We all need to stop posting until Arch steps down” by Yeetus0000

“Loss of great mods, users, and a great place; some memes; and some scripture” by n8s8p

Memes by n8s8p

“Silence doesn’t work” by Grevas13

“The scorpion and the frog” by Rushclock

“Fuck this sub, and the mods, all two of them.” by DavidBSkate

“As a subreddit with a high level of engagement, I think it’s important that the members be allowed a voice in who moderates our sub. As an r/mormon member, what do YOU think should happen with the moderation team?” by phthalo-azure

“A sensible path forward” by a_grunt_named_Gideon

“Just a suggestion” by my_new_throwaway106

“ArchimedesPPL” by SoshJam

“Begone Arch” by CEuropa1

“Hello, Thanks and Farewell!!!” by Banda_del_tio_Juan

“Summary of events as far as I can tell, and why we need to take this seriously” by Crobbin17

“Honest question about rule 2 and subsequent mod fallout.” by ultralazyday

“Succession: Are elections even possible on reddit?” by dustarook

“New subreddit—r/Mormonite” by Arctinius

“Looking for a solution?” by thomaslewis1857

“This went way too far – aka a post to be massively downvoted, but I hope some will read it anyways.” by Bobby_Wats0n

“something that is timeless, especially now & here” by propelledfastforward

“Gileriodekel and ArchimedesPPL modmail discussion posted. Calling Gileriodekel emotionally fragile and other insults were perhaps less ideal. interesting to read.” by Elevate5

“r/mormon is having it’s “Kirtland Apostasy” moment right now.” by TruthIsAntiMormon

“Gileriodekel, before you go…” by outoftheway_peck

“u/Rabannah will not release the mod-mail “for the same reasons the founding fathers made the Constitutional Convention a private conversation”- yet numerous Founding Fathers published their notes from the convention to make the public aware of its proceedings.” by RamblingOpposum

“Let me say something that may not be great politics: “The American people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn modmail.”” by Chino_Blanco

“Hey, has anyone else noticed that ever since we lost most of the prior mods and brought in ones from r/l[redacted] that we suddenly have an influx of the sort of commenters who think the “CES debunking” that couldn’t survive outside an echo-chamber was “good apologetics”?” by wildspeculator

“What the hell happened on this sub?!!?” by Accomplished_Key7851

“Our newest moderator, brought on by the head mod after the resignations, is coming dangerously close to advocating on other subs for the brigading of this subreddit.” by Winter-Impression-87

“Toxicity of LDS culture and why I am leaving this sub – farewell and adieu” by tumbleweedcowboy

“Fostering an open forum requires participants with the ability to grok that contrary opinions are not innately steeped in ill will.” by Chino_Blanco

“The mods are asleep. Here’s a rock video that reflects the feeling around here lately.” by investorsexchange

“Have any of the sub’s rules been altered in any way since the mass mod exodus of a couple of days ago?” by TruthIsAntiMormon

“A Different Perspective on Recent Events” by KaptainKorea84

“Can we get a new mod introduction post?” by ClosetCousin

“Mosiah Chapter 29” by beazermyst

“This one picture pretty much sums up the drama here lately.” by schitzeljollux

“Bye sub I’m out” by oaklandsurfclub

“An outside perspective” by Totally_A_Jaredite

“The Dictatorship of the Majority: Arch Nemesis” by petitereddit

“A New Flair Proposal” by petitereddit

“Remember when we lost several of the hardest working mods who were also valued contributors?” by n8s8p

“Tyranny of Moderation” by petitereddit (repost)

“What happened to this Sub?” by Rooster1830

“It’s been a month since the moderator debacle. How do you feel the direction of the sub has changed since then?” by AsleepInPairee

Introducing New Moderators” by ArchimedesPPL

Who are some redditors that you used to enjoy from this community but they don’t participate anymore?” by n8s8p

Survey about the r/Mormon community’s opinion on r/ArchimedesPPL” by BolaAzul2