Advice For Fallout After Queerphobic Cultural Event

In the fallout of Jeffery R. Holland’s queerphobic sermon a few people took to the sidewalks of BYU to draw supportive messages in sidewalk chalk. A student named Conner Ray Murray went and emptied his water bottle to wash it away and then told those filming him that “Faggots go to hell”. As a queer person I was hurt by Holland’s queerphobic sermon, but I was furious about the guy washing away the support and using slurs.

However, we as a community need to respond to this and other snafus in responsible ways. Calls to arms against him isn’t going to do anything substantial, because he is a symptom of a systemic problem. Seeking revenge isn’t the answer here.

This anger and frustration needs a channel, and that is perfectly normal and healthy. I have a couple of pieces of advice:

  1. Respond to this hate by creating more love. Reach out to your queer friends, tell them that you love them and that they are valuable, and ask if they need anything.
  2. Express your emotions. The other day I made an art piece and explained all the symbolism. After I expressed myself I felt much, much better, and it has also helped a couple other people understand what they’re feeling.

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