I made a graphic based off of a verse from 2nd Nephi :)

Every week my congregation in Community of Christ (its called Beyond the Walls) hosts a social hour over zoom on Thursdays. I helped found it and and help run it 🙂

We have about 30 people show up every week and chat. We have about 6 different rooms so its not everyone talking over each other. We give some rooms a general ice breaker (like “Your favorite vacation destination”), and some are more specific (like talking about the congregation’s digital choir).

I love talking about theology, and so a couple weeks ago I made sure one of the room had the topic of “theology”. Nobody came and one of the other people helping me run it suggested that I make it more topic specific, so I decided to talk about “Panentheism in the D&C”. Many folks weren’t familiar with panentheism, so I explained the concept a bit and then read D&C 85:2-3 (LDS D&C 88:4-13). Lots of people really enjoyed this reading and we went on to talk about the commonality of all people. It was a lovely theological discussion.

One of the people who helps run the social hour with me asked if I had a topic for this week, and I said that I’m going to talk about Universalism in the Book of Mormon, specifically 2nd Nephi 12: 53-74 (LDS 2nd Nephi 29:6-14). He really enjoyed reading those verses in my version called “The Book of Mormon: Plain and Precious Truths“, and suggested that I make a graphic out of it.

I was pleased with how it turned out so I thought I’d share it here 🙂