/u/TheJawaKnight caught Uchtdorf donating to the Democrats, which violates the LDS church’s policy of political neutrality. It got so much attention that Salt Lake Tribune articles were written about it. Uchtdorf himself ended up confirming that it was him. /r/Mormon is a force to be reckoned with!

/u/TheJawaKnight was the first to find out that various leaders of the LDS church donated to political candidates and causes.

This cause so many waves that The Salt Lake Tribune made an article about it. Uchtdorf ended up responding and saying that it was indeed him/his family that made those donations.

This will likely get Uchtdorf in hot water because, as the article says,

Any … contribution would violate the faith’s stated political neutrality policy, which declares that the church’s “general authorities and general officers … and their spouses and other ecclesiastical leaders serving full time should not personally participate in political campaigns, including promoting candidates, fundraising, speaking in behalf of or otherwise endorsing candidates, and making financial contributions.”

Uchtdorf was caught violating church policy by a subscriber to the r/Mormon community. This just goes to show how even our little community influences the bigwigs.

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