Never forget the leaked video of former senator of Oregon, Gordon H. Smith

A couple of years ago /u/FearlessFixxer aka Ryan McKnight released a video of the former senator of Oregon, Gordon H. Smith, speaking to the Quorum of the 12. You can watch it here. Among other things he said:

  • Said that he took marching orders from Salt Lake and often clarified what the LDS church wanted before he took political action. He described himself and his staff as “church broke”. He repeatedly said that his temple recommend is more important than his election certificate, meaning he voted for the church’s interests and not his constituents’
  • Voted to go to war with Iraq so that eventually the LDS church could proselytize there
  • Encourages the LDS church to continue the homophobic work they did during Proposition 8
  • Spoke about potentially classified information regarding Iran’s nuclear program
  • Calls Catholics and Evangelicals “unreliable allies” who don’t believe their own doctrine and are guilty of priestcraft
  • Repeatedly emphasized how LDS senators and representatives are crucial because they can help the church conduct business and influence political decisions. This includes using those political positions to pressure foreign governments to accept LDS missionaries.

This video was filmed in 2009. After he lost reelection he became anĀ area authority.

The fact that the LDS church has this much unwarranted sway should chill everyone to the absolute bone. Gordon H. Smith was essentially a theocrat who was rewarded by his church with a higher position of theological power after his political career came to a close.

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