A relic from Exmormon history: Jeremy Runnells’ forgotten follow up the the CES Letter, “Now What?”

The brief description of the book is all we really have:

Seeing the increasing demand for a simple and straightforward guide to help those in faith awakening or faith transition, Jeremy has written ‘Now What?’ to help seekers navigate through an intense but liberating time.

It looks like /u/Kolobot started this project in 2016 I can’t tell if he was originally basing the project off of the Five Minute Journal or if he was using their website as a template (I know Jeremy is a web designer).

In 2017 the website moved to a static page which gave the brief description of the project along with an option to be notified by email when it releases. Jeremy mentioned it a couple times on various platforms during this time.

Then as of November 2020 the website went down without a word and project seems to be dead.