I recently wrote a post about about my relationship with the sacrament. To me, it is a ritual that has symbolic meaning which is different for everyone. One of the most appealing parts of the Sacrament for me is that it is a ritual that is done with the community and is a way to unite in that way.

I recently came across a twitter post from a bisexual minister named Benjamin Perry. He wrote a wonderful post, which in full read as:

Do not deny anyone communion. Ever.

Communion is not a reward. It is not a privilege for the righteous. It is an invitation to step towards God’s table where everyone has enough and everyone a place.

Remember: Jesus fed Judas.

This was powerful to me. Judas is seen as the ultimate betrayer, and Christ likely knew what was going to happen, but still invited Judas to partake in the sacrament.

I was denied Sacrament a couple times as a teenager. I was told it would be with held from me so I could have the opportunity to properly repent. What I felt instead was shame and humiliation. Those around me saw I didn’t take it and their minds went racing into why I didn’t. That was a barbaric form of public humiliation which did nothing but drive a wedge between me and the Divine.

The Sacrament, to me, is really a way of symbolically saying “I want to get closer to the Divine and recommit to growing into being a better person”. Denying someone that opportunity sends a strong message.

Have you guys had similar experiences? What is your opinion on the ritual today? Would you ever engage in the ritual again?