[Serious] Let’s start our own sect of Mormonism!

As you guys know, I am a bit of an odd duck. I am a Mormon, ex-LDS, bisexual, polyamorist, Buddhist, panentheist subscriber to the Smith-Entheogen theory who loves reading the Book of Mormon. I still consider myself Mormon and like to say that Mormonism is how I express myself spiritually. However, I often have to preface that statement by explaining that not all Mormonism is LDS.

I believe that community can be an important aspect of spiritual fulfillment. Over the past year or so I have felt drawn to be a part of a healthy Mormon spiritual community. I laid out everything that I would need from such a community before I went and really started investigating what was out there. The only sects that I could find that might be willing to accept me were Community of Christ and the Fellowship of the Remnants (Snufferites).

Community of Christ is a wonderful community full of wonderful people. However, it ultimately fails to live up to my expectations of accepting people like me. After talking with a member of The Fellowship of the Remnant, I came to realize that there wouldn’t really be a place for a bisexual who takes a non-literalistic point of view in regards to scripture. In addition, I believe their community model is fundamentally flawed (read more about that in the edit of #2 of this post).

I want a healthy Mormon spiritual community that will accept and uphold the worth of traditional folks and wildcards like me, just like I believe the Divine does. However, I have exhausted every avenue that I can think of. I have not been able to find the fabled “Big Tent Mormonism” that people have sought after for years.

In light of this, I would love to start our own little sect of Mormonism. I have some ideas on how to run such a community, but I don’t have all the answers. Ultimately this community needs to be a team effort. I would love to get a community going so we can find the spiritual and communal relief that we need.

On 08/23/2020 at 2PM MDT I am going to hold a little get-together on Google Meet* to talk about what we would need from a spiritual community and how we could build a community to fit those needs. I hope some of you guys can make it 🙂

(if you would like to join, make sure you have a Google account. If your google account has your real name, I would recommend changing it so it isn’t made public.)

Thanks guys! You rock! Keep on Mormoning!