Joseph Smith III was in a mixed-faith relationship

I have been studying Community of Christ’s history recently. It’s been a lot of fun reading it! It amazes me how different CoC’s approach to everything is; it’s been very open and liberal since the beginning.

As I was reading I was particularly stuck by something: Joseph Smith III was in a mixed-faith relationship. His wife, Emmeline, came from a family that didn’t like the Latter Day Saint movement. Her parents discouraged her from marrying JSIII, who at the time was not involved with religion.

JSIII felt a prophetic call in 1860 after the death of one of his children and joined the Reorganization. However, Emmeline did not join. In fact, she didn’t join for 6 years.

In other words the prophet of the Reorganization was on a mixed-faith marriage.

I mentioned this in a CoC group and someone pointed out that Emma Smith’s second husband didn’t ever convert.

I have seen many mixed-faith relationships torn apart when it involves the LDS church. Realizing that the Community of Christ’s second prophet was in a mixed-faith relationship was super interesting and speaks to how valuable relationships matter more.