I’ve been doing some research on Emanuel Swedenborg

I am becoming a Buddhist minister next month. I’ve loved researching Buddhism, and I feel like its allowed me to let go of a lot of the theological trauma associated with leaving the church. I don’t know what happens after death, and I think to know for sure is nearly impossible. I think people try to sell the answer to that mystery for money, power, or sex more often than they are trying to help people. Regardless, I have loved researching different theological concepts recently, and I decided to do a bit of research on Emanuel Swedenborg’s ideas. Here’s a couple of things that rang some bells:

  • Children automatically go to heaven where they grow up
  • All angels rather are going to be or once were humans
  • There is a “waiting room” before going to heaven/hell (which both had different levels)
  • Marriage could last forever and heavenly sex would be a thing
  • Noted that the physical and spirit worlds are located in the same place
  • Old Christianity would fall and be replaced by a new church
  • There would be a New Jerusalem
  • Angels have a more pure language
  • Angels take on a perfected form of their earthly bodies
  • There’s life on other planets and God is their god as well
  • Faith alone wasn’t enough for salvation

Its interesting to see how much of Swedenborg’s theology seemingly found it’s way into Mormonism

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