Freedom, Happiness, and Nature

Freedom is the basic desire of man. Whether it be in politics, religion, or love, people want the joy that comes with freedom. We lose freedom when we refuse to accept the reality of the situation that we’re in. Real freedom is living life as it is, not as how you are attached to how you want it to be. That’s not to say that you can’t want things, just don’t be attached to them. If you’re unhappy with a situation, put in the effect and action to change it. Our happiness is our own responsibility. Others can assist in making us happy, but ultimately it’s up to us to get the ball rolling.

One thing that I’ve come to learn is what happiness actually is. Many see money as the ultimate sign of happiness. Granted, it brings a level of comfort, but it in no way guarantees happiness, and in many cases it does the opposite. True happiness is doing what you love because you love doing it. If you love being a McDonald’s worker and find unparalleled enjoyment in doing it, then you are living a vastly better life than the rich CEO who can’t find a purpose in life. Life is an artwork, and you must paint yours with the most brilliant colors you can find. For me, I find great fulfillment in helping ensure that the Mormon and Exmormon people are happy and safe. It is a completely tangibly reward-free, but the fulfillment I get from it can’t be matched in any other way for me.

Getting in connection with nature can be a good reset button. It gets you away from bells, whistles, and alarms, which do nothing but help stress us out. It shows you the greater simplicity of life. When you are able to see each microcosm of beauty in nature, your mind naturally calms and becomes more serene. Think of your mind like a body of water: when agitated, it creates waves and its hard to see anything in it. However, when calm, you can see what’s in it.