I think I just found the origin of where Kolob comes from. I may have actually found Kolob.

I’m working on a project and I have to do a lot of research on Joseph Smith Papers for it. I was reading in the Grammar and Alphabet of the Egyptian Language (GAEL), and I noticed this a word that stood out:


The earth under the governing powers of Oliblish, Enish go on dosh, and Kae-e van rash, which are the grand key or in other words, the governing power, which governs the fifteen fixed stars (twelve ) that governs the earth, sun, & moon, (which have their power in one,) with the other twelve moving planets of this system.

  1. Oliblish
  2. Enish go on dosh
  3. Kae-e van rash

are the three grand central powers that govern all the other creations, which have been sought out by the most aged of all the fathers, since the beginning of the creation, by means of the urim and thummim.

The names of the other twelve of the fixed stars are:

  1. Kolob
  2. Limdi
  3. Ziss
  4. Vurel
  5. Venisti
  6. Waine
  7. Wagah=ox=oan
  8. oansli
  9. Keble
  10. Shineflis
  11. flis
  12. ots

The Egyptian names, of the fifteen moving planets are:

  1. Oan isis
  2. Flos-isis
  3. flo’ese
  4. Abbesele
  5. Ele ash
  6. Sabble
  7. Slundlo
  8. ear roam
  9. Crash ma kraw
  10. obbles isim
  11. Izinsbah
  12. missel
  13. Nah me
  14. sile ohee oop Zah
  15. Zaol

I was curious if there was any significance to there being 15 stars anywhere, so I googled “15 stars”, and lo and behold, a result came up.

The Behenian fixed stars are a selection of fifteen stars considered especially useful for magical applications in the medieval astrology of Europe and the Arab world.

We know Joseph Smith’s family was very into astrology and occult stuff. Is it possible Joseph Smith used this in his work?